Make every day extraordinary

WiMATE offers a diverse range of benefits and features that go beyond a dedicated sports wearable. It's there for you for every part of your day,
providing great value on an everyday basis in one complete, all-purpose device unique to its price range.

  • Heart rate monitor
  • Steps taken
  • Notification alerts
  • Calories burnt
  • Distance covered

A lifestyle design: slim, ergonomic and durable

User experience is key in the lifestyle-focused design, available in cool grey, aubergine, khaki and black, with an elegant stainless steel strap buckle and 8.9mm thin casing. Enjoy ergonomic comfort with the adjustable band for any wrist size and its durable aluminum casing and medical grade TPU Band. Always ready to go wherever you do, it is water resistant as well as sweat, splash, rain and dust proof thanks to its IP67 certification.

Main features

  • 01 - OLED large, tactile screen
  • 02 - Adjustable band fits any wrist size
  • 03 - Stainless steel buckle
  • 04 - Thin medical grade TPU Band
  • 05 - Optical sensor using PPG technology

Get sorted

Count on your Personal Assistant for direct access to native notifications comprising agenda, call notifier, alarms, clock and messages like SMS and e-mails, as well as third party notifications for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Skype™. There's no need to rummage in your bag or pocket for your smartphone, as you receive and read all these notifications directly on your WiMATE.
You can even find your smartphone without breaking a sweat, with a simple tap on your WiMATE, thanks to Bluetooth smart technology 4.0.

Heart rate monitoring 24/7*

Instead of a troublesome chest strap, WiMATE has an optical sensor using PPG technology to automatically and continuously monitor your heart rate on your wrist 24/7.This allows you to easily and accurately analyse your calorie consumption, maintain the intensity of your workouts and keep in shape.
*not suitable for medical use

Your own Smart Coach focused on your health and wellness while keeping you connected.

Long battery life

A true daily wingman that won't let you down, it is primed for non-stop action so that you're always tracking from dusk to dawn, as you switch from one activity to another. With the convenience of up to 5 days of battery life, it's ready to go the distance!

An innovative tailor-made Wiko App

This user-friendly app streamlines the key data that is relevant and useful. In so doing, it prevents information overload and cuts out unnecessarily complicated data.
As easy to install as any other app, it is also very user-friendly with easy to recognise image icons for both activity and sleep.

The Wiko App functions by following all your daily activities, monitoring sleep goals, tracking movements and providing quick access at any time to information and notifications, with every statistic, goal, insight and more displayed directly on the dashboard.


A chic all-rounder!

WiMATE covers all my basic needs for on-screen fitness tracking like my own personal trainer, but then adds some sweeteners, like message notifications, continuous heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking, which totally surprised me for the price! The band is sleek and elegant with a minimalist style. It's got versatility so that I can take it from the gym to the office, then to a night out with friends. It fits the bill to keep me looking - and feeling - chic and confident, yet it's still discreet compared to other bulky alternatives. From my band to my mobile, the app's so easy to use that it doesn't cease to motivate me, seeing my stats go up... even if it means walking a few laps around my living room!

Lydia, 32 years old, Paris

A great coach to get back on track

In my early twenties, I was a fitness junkie. I swam 2 mornings a week, ran on evenings 3 times a week, kicked some ball on Tuesday evenings, and played tennis on Sunday mornings. Recently, I've been determined to get back on track, so I've developed new habits to become active again. My WiMATE has been instrumental in my new fitness regime. I go for a walk in my neighbourhood and feel elated when I see 7,000 steps. I started yoga and then some light weight lifting, checking my stats and progress. I've even improved my sleeping routine. Feeling more like me these days. I'm going to get one for my girlfriend this Christmas. It'll be the perfect gift to go with our New Year's fitness resolutions.

Adriano, 35 years old, Lisbon

Always notified on the go

Last week I started my internship and I've been tasked with visiting all the company's major customers in the city to carry out a questionnaire with face-to-face interviews. My morning agenda alert pops up on my wrist with the day's meetings and locations. Sometimes while in one session, another customer might send an email, or call to change their appointment time or even cancel. It's discreet and professional, alerting me that I've got a call. Also being notified in real time helps me plan and adjust my daily schedule very efficiently. Once a friend sent me a WhatsApp asking to meet for lunch and I was able to go due to a last minute schedule change. I can even check my Twitter and Facebook alerts while on the bus between locations. It's super convenient and smart looking, so I feel like a real professional!

Davide, 22 years old, Milano

Keeping it cool

I totally get the daily wingman thing. This sweet little band keeps on ticking for most of my week. I get my Facebook and Twitter alerts on my wrist and read my WhatsApp messages too! I don't get much sleep around exam time, but it's nice to see how much rest I get during the week. It's just happiness to stay in bed late at the weekend and see how many extra hours I've slept. It's cool to view exactly how many steps I've taken heading to the cinema or in the mall. I also never miss a call, as I'm alerted on my wrist and can quickly grab my phone to answer.
Sometimes when I can't find my phone, or maybe just for fun, I tap on WiMATE to make my phone ring. It comes in different colours too, so my sister has the purple one and I have the khaki.

Maria, 19 years old, Valencia
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